Personal Investigation Services

Need help with searching for information regarding legal or personal matters? Our team can help you! We offer assistance with an abundance of Detective Investigator tasks.

Legal and Attorney Support Services

Summons, Complaints, and Subpoenas

Hand Deliveries

Mobile Notary

Witness Interviews

When you need a witness interviewed, A&I Security has the staff to thoroughly retrieve all the relevant facts of your case with seasoned techniques.

Witness Location Services

If you are unable to local a witness in your case and your case is solely dependent on that witness' whereabouts – WE CAN LOCATE YOUR WITNESS!

Surveillance Video and Digital Photo

If you need surveillance video and/or digital photo evidence to strengthen your case, we can provide it.

Divorce Cases

We provide various services in divorce matters, not limited to, surveillance, asset investigation, property inventory, extra-marital relationships, identifying unknown subjects, investigating computer and/or internet usage, email stracing, and covert tasks.

Pre-Trial and Litigation Support

Criminal Defense Support

Statement Analysis

Missing Persons

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