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Our company is a small family-owned security and private investigation business founded in 2016. We have over four (4) years of experience providing security guard services for Philadelphia Charter schools, and special events such as parades, weddings, sports, and other community events. We have also partnered with other Investigative companies to investigate major litigation and worker's compensation cases. A&I Security also employs expertise in personal injury case sign-ups, missing persons, and employment background checks. Our guard rates are compatible and competitive ensuring vendor affordability while simultaneously assuring quality guard services. We provide our guards with on the job-training and continuing education to adapt to changing times and varying security industry codes and regulations. At A&I Security, we evolve to provide our services for any security need in any security industry.

NJ MBE Certified

Proudly certified Minority Business Enterprise in the state of New Jersey. Also a proud member of the Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber and ASIS International.

Dynamic Reach

Offering an impressive scope while utilizing competitive guard services for diverse clients and needs, A&I Security truly focuses on delivering innovative security solutions for unique situations through a multifaceted approach.


Raymond Alvarez is the President/CEO of A & I Security, LLC.

As one of the three Philadelphia registered MBEs, he is the only security company CEO and holds over sixteen (16) years of federal law enforcement training in security and investigation received by one of the world's top law enforcement agencies. His law enforcement background includes the administration of security, critical infrastructure vulnerability assessments, NIMS Emergency Preparedness, physical security escort assignments, surveillance in matters of fraud, deterring, detecting acts and investigations of terrorism, conducting counter-terrorism, and serving in a supervisory capacity in major surveillance operations for special operations. He is also President/CEO of "La Liga del Barrio" (La Liga) a 501 (c) (3) Non-profit youth basketball league sponsored in part by the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers/Sixers Youth Foundation since January 2000. La Liga is the first Latino youth basketball league (annually consisting of 32-boys' and girls' teams of nearly 340 kids ages 6 to 18). Raymond has led La Liga since 2000 (serving over 7,000 kids in that period) in addition to maintaining a Federal law enforcement career the past sixteen years all while maintaining his residence in Philadelphia. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from Temple University, a Master's Degree in the Administration of Justice and Security and a second Criminal Justice Master's Degree in Forensic Science.


Melinda Caraballo is the COO and co-founder of A & I Security, LLC.

Melinda helps tailor security needs in order to meet 100% customer satisfaction. Before dedicating her time to establish A&I Security, Melinda earned her unmatched customer service skills by working in the trenches as a customer service representative for a multi-billion-dollar company. Subsequently, Melinda fast tracked to a position where she established new franchises, allowing her to lead and mentor new staff in the successful start-up phase and set up store managers for success. Melinda’s journey then saw her shift gears to in order to support her husband's dream of serving in the military. Ever the self-starter, Melinda capitalized on her free time while her husband was deployed to help establish A&I Security, LLC.


Esther Alvarez is a Partner at A & I Security, LLC and Human Resources Coordinator.

.She coordinates all human resource tasks and administrative functions of the company. Esther is also a board member and Commissioner of "La Liga del Barrio" (La Liga) youth basketball league sponsored in part by the Philadelphia Sixers. She also is affectionately known by the kids and parents as Ms. Esther who runs and operates "Esther's Kitchen" which raises funds for La Liga. Esther has led La Liga as Commissioner while maintaining a career at Community Legal Services - a nonprofit that offers free legal services to low-income Philadelphians in civil matters. For the past 32 years, Esther Alvarez has been a paralegal with Community Legal Services, ushering those same free legal services to La Liga by imploring CLS to bring their services to La Liga. Esther, as team member of La Liga, was honored in March of 2015 by the City Council of Philadelphia with a Citation honoring La Liga's fifteen years of accomplishments to the community serving its youth population.


Ariel Caraballo is our Intelligence Analyst at A & I Security, LLC.

Our go-to-person on matters involving intelligence gathering, Ariel has served seven years in the United States Navy providing senior leadership with intelligence reporting on adversarial threats and vulnerabilities. While in service, Ariel received training in gathering information using surveillance intelligence, one-on-one interviews, and other technical means. Ariel has experience running team operations independently in austere environments which have led him to think quickly and provide time sensitive reporting, and has liaised with multiple government agencies enhancing collaboration on multiple problem sets.


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Hard Workers


Personal Investigation Services

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Personal Investigation Services

Need help with searching for information regarding legal or personal matters? Our team can help you! We offer assistance with an abundance of Detective Investigator tasks.


We can take your security to the next level through biometrics and fingerprinting! A&I Security, LLC has everything you need to insure physical identification

Access Control

In today’s society, it is important to monitor and control the access of employees and visitors in and out of restricted areas by ensuring positive personnel identification and providing a visible appearance to assist employees and visitors to various locations.

Notary Services

A&I Security, LLC., can provide you with notary services on demand! Contact us today so we can facilitate your certification requirements.

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Our Portfolio

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Our Team

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Raymond Alvarez

Chief Executive Officer

Esther Alvarez

Human Resource Coordinator

Melinda Caraballo

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Amanda Jepson


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